Mummified Cat Protects Home from Witches

Mummified Cat at Britsh Museum

Mummified Cat at Britsh Museum

© 2012 Steve Hathcock

Workers renovating a bathroom of a 400 year-old cottage in Devon (England) were surprised to discover the perfectly mummified body of a rather large house cat lodged behind a wall. Richard Parson, a funeral director, who owns the house, said: “The builders were stripping one of the bathrooms upstairs and this little fellow came to light. It is quite scary looking and is a lot bigger than a normal domestic cat. I cannot throw it away so we plan to put it back on completion of the building work. But my wife is not all that keen on it, as she says she will have bad dreams.”

Marion Gibson, a witchcraft and folklore expert told a reporter; “Cats were often put into walls as some kind of good luck charm. It seems to have been quite a widespread practice across the European continent. They seem to have been designed to keep away witches, the evil eye, bad luck, vermin, or anything that can be seen as a threat to the house.” Parson, who had the feline re-entombed in the new wall, was quoted as saying “It clearly works. From the first day we moved to the village we have not seen sight or sound of any witches!







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